Supporting Roles in “Sleep Cure” Cast!

We have cast the supporting roles in our upcoming short drama, “Sleep Cure.” We are so elated to have these talented artists join our cast. Our main role, Phoebe, will be announced soon!

Landon Tavernier as Milo

Landon Tavernier as Milo

With a background in film, theatre and modeling, Landon’s most recent work includes a World Premiere of an adaptation from author Bonnie Jo Campbell’s “American Salvage” which was followed by a talk back on stage with the author herself; before hitting the Toledo Blade newspapers. In addition, the short film, “Light Eyes”, was promoted on the Toledo News before screening at the Maumee Indoor Theater in Ohio. In his audition, Landon brought both an earnestness and melancholiness to the character of Milo that we are excited to see more of in production.

Sabrina Bowen as Bennett

Sabrina Bowen as Bennett

As an aspiring actress and fashion blogger, Sabrina has performed a range of musical, dance, film and roles. We’re excited about the charismatic authenticity Sabrina brings to Bennett’s character.

Anthony J. James as Dean

Anthony J. James as Dean

Web series, TV, film, theatre, music videos, commercials, etc. – Anthony has done it all! We’re grateful to have an experienced actor to play the complicated character of Dean.

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