Lead Role in Sleep Cure Cast!

We are thrilled to announce that we have cast Selena Vela in the lead role for “Sleep Cure.” With a background in theatrical performance, Selena recently studied with the Saratoga International Theatre Institute in New York. She will be receiving a performance degree from the University of South Florida Theatre and Dance Department this summer. Antbear is excited to […]

Supporting Roles in “Sleep Cure” Cast!

We have cast the supporting roles in our upcoming short drama, “Sleep Cure.” We are so elated to have these talented artists join our cast. Our main role, Phoebe, will be announced soon! With a background in film, theatre and modeling, Landon’s most recent work includes a World Premiere of an adaptation from author Bonnie […]

Film Shortage Shares Balloon Animals Trailer

Film Shortage posted our Balloon Animals Trailer with an accurate (and hilarious) summary: “Balloon Animals’ is a dramatic short full of awkward tension about a family falling apart at a birthday party. Hannah hopelessly watches as her spineless brother and his dominating psychotic girlfriend bring out the claws in her beautiful but selfish mother, who […]